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Our Guarantee on Quality

About SABS

Giving You The Quality Edge

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) supports governments Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP), which promotes the localisation of production and addresses the current economic trends.

The SABS provides the platform for quality services and products which is the key differentiator in an increasingly competitive environment. The SABS strategic objective contributes to the efficient functioning of the economy by:

  • Developing standards to advance the socio-economic well-being of South Africa in the global economy.
  • Delivering relevant conformity assessment services that facilitate access to markets for South African industry, thereby improving its competitiveness in the global trade environment.

Water Penetration Tests

Our tiles undergo thorough and vigorous routine quality control testing to ensure that we uphold and maintain our guarantee in our roofing solutions.

Double Roman tiles in our water penetration test

Letter of good standing issued by the Department of Labour, Republic of South Africa.