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Bold Roman Roof Tiles

* Due to the restrictions of colour reproduction on the screen, colours shown are representative only, actual samples should always be viewed prior to ordering.

Bold Roman

The Bold Double Roman roof tile is our newest addition to the Castcrete collection. The tile is designed to lend a striking profile to the roof create a stylish and sophisticated feel. This versatile tile is not only the epitome of aesthetic pleasure but enhances the architectural design and craftsmanship of your building.

Tile Size 420 x 330mm
Linear Coverage

Effective Width:


Tile Weight/Mass:

4.6kg (average)
Tiles / m²

17.5º – 25º


26º Plus


Mass / m²

17.5º – 25º

48 kg

26º Plus

Headlap / Overlap

17.5º – 25º


26º Plus

Rafter Centres (Maximum)

With 38 x 38mm batten


With 38 x 50mm batten

Battens Centre

17.5º – 25º


26º Plus

Taper Ridge Tiles

Rake Verge Tiles
Hip Starters

*Colours will be matched to selected tile colour

Label Code Colour
C1 AQ TC Antique Terracotta
C2 ST BR Standard Brown
C3 AQ TAN Antique Tan
C4 AQ RD Antique Red
C5 ST TAN Standard Tan
C6 ST RD Standard Red
C7 ST GR Standard Grey
C8 ST Standard
C9 ST SL Standard Slate
C10 AQ TAN Antique Tan
C11 AQ RD Antique Red
C12 AQ TC Antique Terracotta
C13 ST BR Standard Brown
C14 ST TC Standard Terracotta
C15 AQ SL Antique Slate
C16 AQ BR Antique Brown

Please Note:

The roof structure specifications should comply with building regulations in your region.

No allowance is made for wastage.

Minimum roof pitch is 17.5°

Undertile membrane mandatary 17° – 25°

Bold Roman Tiles in use:

Colour Uniformity / Efflorescence

Due to Natural Deviations in the raw materials and the periodic occurrence of efflorescence on unprotected concrete products, absolute colour consistency on the roof cannot be guaranteed.

Standard Through Colour

Primary colour throughout. Colouring oxides are mixed in the concrete prior to extrusion assuring complete colour integrity for long-lasting beauty and durability. The manufacturer reserves the right to substitute the product range without notice.


The primary colour throughout as per the Standard tile manufacturing process. A secondary colour is subtly mixed at random to give each tile its distinctive appearance.

Colour Accuracy

Due to the restrictions of colour reproduction on this brochure, actual samples should always be viewed prior to ordering.


The concrete tiles are extruded under pressure resulting in a product of high quality. Castcrete roof tiles meet with SABS 542-2012 standard specification for concrete roof tiles.